Client Testimonials

“…Once again, thank you so much for your knowledge and guidance, but mostly for being such a positive influence on him. He often commented on how you spoke to him so positively and how you treated him so kindly…”

Melissa - Parent

“Just wanted to say thanks again for all you did with our sixth graders. It was great to hear that they were so disappointed to have to miss music/guitar last week when they had a presentation by the junior high... They have really enjoyed the guitar unit :)”

Janie Anderson - Music Specialist
Eastridge Elementary

“... music has made all the difference in my son’s life…”

Marianne Spencer - parent

“…I was scaroat first I thot he was like a prsin that rushis peepal but I did it and he was not and I like hem very much and he is my frend...”

Maya - 6 year old student

George Seccombe of Alpine Music Studios volunteering at Soundfalls in Carnation, WA

George Volunteering at Soundfalls

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