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Other Services

Providing On-Line Lessons During COVID-19

George offers a variety of services other than music lessons. From finding your perfect instrument to editing sheet music, George can assist you with your needs.

Finding Your Instrument

Are you wondering where to start when looking for the first instrument for you or your child? George can give you suggestions on where to go and what to look for. Or, if you like, George can purchase one for you from one of several sources. George makes no profit from this service - his only interest is in helping you find a good, playable instrument, well suited to your specific style and needs.

Guitar Setup

Guitar shops will offer setups, but they usually charge around $90 for this service. George can set up your guitar - adjust the neck, adjust the intonation, adjust the saddle height, and file the nut slots to the proper depth - during your lesson, for no additional charge.

George will also set up guitars for non-students for a very reasonable fee.

Transcription Editing

Many times tab and sheet music contain errors. If the piece you are working on just doesn’t seem quite right, bring it to George. He can listen to the music and find the correct notation. This is yet another service that George often provides to the general community for a reasonable price.